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At Squamish Family Chiropractic we believe that you have the right to feel energized, alive, vital and capable of living the active outdoor lifestyle our Sea to Sky client’s desire. We are passionate about creating a lifelong health partnership with each of our clients based on mutual respect and education.

Whether your family needs a routine checkup, has specific health concerns or is looking to optimize their health we offer a comprehensive chiropractic regime that will be tailored to meet your unique needs. We are honored to support Sea to Sky residents in finding better health and vitality and are looking forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.

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37971 Third Avenue
P.O. Box 106
Squamish, BC V8B 0A1
Tel: 604.815.0031
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Your First Chiropractic Visit.


  • My entire outlook on life has shifted. I now see potential solutions where before I only saw problems.

  • Seeing Dr. Lori is the best gift I have ever given myself.

  • Since I started treatment, I have noticed some miracles taking form in my life.

  • Thank you Dr. Lori & Le-Anne for supporting me on the amazing journey that I am on. Looking back at my life just 3 months ago I cannot believe that the person I was before (sick, depressed) is the same person that I am today.

  • When I first showed up at Dr. Lori’s office with a herniated disk, all I wanted was to be able to walk freely again. Today I am 20 pounds lighter, my overbite is gone, I stand a lot straighter, no more signs of asthma, depression or anxiety and I am able to move again freely.

  • Dr. Lori is life changing. We learn from her but she continues to learn from and about us as she treats us.

  • A complete turn-around in my energy both physical and psychological.

  • Dr. Lori is patient, kind and caring. The best guide to health that I have ever encountered. Treatments are better than chocolate!