Why Choose Us

Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere – From your very first call to our office to the first time you step in the door, you will notice the warm welcoming manner of Le-Anne, our dynamic Chiropractic Assistant. This atmosphere is ideal for nervous or anxious patients. Dr. Lori’s gentle and intuitive approach to Chiropractic care puts patients at ease on her treatment table from their very first visit.

Drive for Knowledge – Dr. Lori’s commitment to life long learning places her at the forefront of the chiropractic industry. Her drive to remain current with leading edge techniques, ideas and applications allows her to offer her patients support with a broad of scope health related knowledge. Dr. Lori’s thirst for continued learning sets Squamish Chiropractic apart from the competition.

Whole Body Health – At Squamish Family Chiropractic we treat the human body as a whole, where  we believe that one aspect of health cannot be completely isolated from the whole. We are not only concerned with your spine, but rather how the overall health of your nervous system can reflect harmonious or dysfunctional communication in each and every part of your body. Dr. Lori’s approach to Chiropractic care seeks to address the issues presenting themselves by treating the cause and permitting the nervous system to restore ease to the entire body.

Family Friendly – As devoted mothers themselves, Dr. Lori and Le-Anne are each known for their outstanding manner with all babies and children. Dr. Lori makes check-ups fun and engaging for your kids, while Le-Anne goes the extra mile joking and occupying your kids in the waiting area. From pregnancy and newborns through to elderly patients , we offer innovative health solutions for every generation.

Stellar Reputation – Voted ‘Best Chiropractor’ for 10 years running by The Chief Reader’s Choice awards, our patients value the compassionate care they receive at our practice. It’s common for our patients to recommend friends and family where they remain our loyal practice members for years to come.

Athletic Specialty – Taking part in the incredibly athletic culture Squamish is known for, Dr. Lori has a special focus rehabilitating athletic injuries and working with athletes to enhance their performance. With a background as an athlete herself, Dr. Lori shares in her patients’ passion for sport and enjoys celebrating performance milestones along with her patients.

Community Involvement – We are an active part of our vibrant community as giving back is an intrinsic value of our practice. Being a proud proponent of the Squamish Breakfast Club, we play a vital role in ensuring all Squamish kids have enough food for optimal learning. This is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our dedication to our community.